5 Best beat-making software for beginners free on Chromebook

Are you a musician who wants to create beats using the best beat-making software for Chromebook?

Then, you’re landing in the right place. With the rise of technology nowadays you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

There are plenty of software available in the market that can be used for making beats on a Chromebook but, it is difficult to choose the best out of them

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the Best beat-making software for beginners free on Chromebook that you can use for making awesome beats

5 Best beat-making software for beginners free on Chromebook

There is much different beat-making software available in the market and it is hard to find the best of them. So here is a list of the Best beat-making software that you can use on a Chromebook.

1. Soundtrap


Best Beat Making Software for chromebook - Soundtrap


  • Web Based
  • Collaborative
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Sound Library
  • Effects
  • Free Plan


  • Collaboration
  • Web Based
  • Free Plan available
  • Vast Effects and Sound Library
  • Wide range of tools
  • User-friendly interface


  • Require a strong internet connection
  • Limited storage in the free plan
  • Limited Functionality in the free plan

Soundtrap is an online tool that allows users to use it from anywhere by just using an internet connection. In Soundtrap, you can edit and make beats with the use of digital instruments and sound effects.

It has a large collection of sound libraries and effects that you can use in your beats to enhance their quality. Soundtrap provides a great collaboration feature where you can invite users to work on your projects.

Soundtrap has the support of many different virtual instruments which include drums, sampler, synthesizer, etc. The software provides a simple and intuitive way to create and arrange musical patterns and loops.

You can use your inbuilt Chromebook microphone to record your music. And in Soundtrap you can also connect your physical instruments to get better quality in your beats.

2. BandLab


Best Beat Making Software for chromebook - Bandlab


  • Virtual Instrument
  • Multitrack recording
  • sound effects and loops
  • Mixing
  • Creative effects
  • Collaboration


  • Free and Easy to use
  • Web Based
  • Also available for android
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Collaboration
  • Sound Effects


  • Export limits
  • Limited customization
  • Required strong internet connection
  • Limited features

The next software on our list is BandLab which is also a web-based DAW that offers a wide range of features for music production. BandLab also has its own virtual instruments which include a drum machine, synthesizer, and sampler, that allow us to create and produce beats without the need for additional software or hardware.

BandLab also has a variety of Sound effects and loops that you can use in your projects. These libraries are regularly updated and ensure that there are always fresh sounds to work with.

It has strong community support that allows you to connect with different artists, and collaborate with them.

You can use an inbuilt Chromebook microphone or external microphone to record your music and beats.

BandLab supports a wide variety of tools for mixing which include a mixer console, reverb, and Equaliser. You may get a professional level of sound quality for your projects with the help of these tools without spending money on pricey equipment.

It is one of the best beginner-friendly software that you can use to make professional-level music and beats. You can also use this tool is in your smartphone.

It also supports a wide range of music effects which you can apply in your track to enhance the sound and depth of your music.

3. Soundation


Best Beat Making Software for chromebook - Soundation


  • Web-based
  • Educational Resources
  • Mix and master tools
  • Sound Library
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive library of virtual instruments
  • Collaboration features


  • Cloud-based platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive library of virtual instruments
  • Mix and master tools
  • Collaboration features
  • Free version is available


  • Limited storage space in the free version and limited
  • A limited number of virtual instruments
  • Software requires a strong internet connection
  • Glitches and bugs while using the software

Soundtation is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that you can use in creating or music mixing online. It was launched in 2009 by the Swedish company PowerFX Systems AB.

Soundtation provides various different features which are helpful in creating any kind of music. This platform also allows you to collaborate with other people on music projects.

This feature lets you work with other musicians from around the world which enables you to create high-quality music.

Soundation’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to get started on their musical journey. It also supports a drag-and-drop functionality and different effects that help users to create different types of sounds.

Soundation features an extensive library of virtual instruments, including synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines. The software allows users to create their own sounds and styles by mixing and matching samples.

In addition, Soundation’s mixing and mastering tools include a mixer console, EQ, compression, and reverb. This enables you to create music having professional sound, even if you don’t have thousands of dollars for recording equipment.

Soundation is available for free on desktop and mobile devices, allowing users from many different backgrounds to use it.

The company also offers Soundation Premium, a subscription service that includes additional features such as more storage space and access to exclusive content.

4. AudioTool


Best Beat Making Software for chromebook - AudioTool


  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-channel mixer
  • Virtual Instruments supported
  • Real-time effects processing
  • Multi-track recording and editing
  • Extensive library of virtual instruments


  • AudioTool is free to use
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Real-time effects processing
  • Built-in synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers
  • Mix and master tools
  • Extensive sound library


  • Music Controls are in 2d mode interface can be a bit scary 
  •  Interface can be a bit scary
  •  Required a very strong internet connection
  • Geared More Towards Electronica Music

AudioTool is an online digital tool website that helps businesses in editing, mixing, manipulate, and record audio files. Aduitool also allows to its user to compose music and share it with other users.

It is free to use tool where you get many different virtual instruments and sound effects that you can use in your music. AudioTool also has a support of extensive library of sound effects which is regularly updated

AudioTool has a user-friendly interface but, its interface can be a bit scary for beginners. This software offers built-in synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers.

AudioTool is a fantastic tool for musicians who are looking for a one-stop software for all of their production needs. It is a free tool with awesome features. You can invite or collaborate with your team and invite them to your projects.

AudioTool allows you to apply real-time effects during live performances. In 2d mode, you can control your virtual instruments but I think it would feel more natural if these were in 3d so that the application could better simulate real-world interactions.

5. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM

Best Beat Making Software for chromebook - Music-Maker-JAM


  • Free to use
  • Available on ios and android
  • Effects and editing tool
  • Extensive library of loops and samples
  • Collaborative features


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Extensive library of loops and samples
  • Collaborative features
  • Social sharing capabilities
  • Free to download and use


  • Limited editing capabilities compared to professional software
  • Some loops and samples may require in-app purchases
  • Limited ability to export tracks in high-quality formats

Music Creator JAM is a free mobile application accessible on the Google Play Store. This allows you to create or remix amazing music beats and tracks by combining loops from a variety of musical genres, including Trap, EDM, Rap, Dubstep, Hip-Hop House Garage Pop Rock.

The app provides a diverse range of genres so you can select the style that suits your mood. It offers a simple user interface that is well-suited for beginners.

It allows you to mix and match different loops and create your own unique track, You can easily make your music by just simply dragging and dropping music elements and arranging tracks.

Music Maker Jam also gives you a place to share your work with your audience and get feedback on it. It also offers a collaboration option that allows you to work with other musicians in real-time.

In conclusion, Music Maker JAM is a great app for anyone who wants to make music or generate ideas quickly and easily. Music Maker JAM, with its library of loops and samples and intuitive interface, is an excellent tool for aspiring musicians.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Beat-Making Software

Best beat-making software for beginners free on Chromebook

When choosing the Best Beast Making Software for your work, you should consider various factors. But, according to me here are some of the most important factors that you should consider before making any decision.

These include:-

1. Compressibility: You have to make sure that the software you’re choosing is supported by your operating system. You should check the software requirements is matching with your system configuration.

2. User Interface: The user interface is a very important factor. A good user interface is essential for efficient beat-making. so, It should be easy to use and allow you to focus on making music rather than fighting with the software.

3. Support: Check the company’s support and update policies to ensure that you will be assisted promptly if there are any problems with the software and that it is updated regularly with new features.

4. Price: One of the main factors people consider when choosing beat-making software is price. If you’re just starting out and don’t have any money to spend on music production, use free tools instead! There are both free and paid software options, so weigh the features against the cost to determine the best option for you

5. Features: The software must have the necessary tools and features which are required in music production. You have to look for features like a built-in sound library, virtual instruments, effects, automation, and editing tools.

How do you edit a recording on a Chromebook?

There are several ways to edit your recording on a Chromebook you can use any app or you can use online tools which are mentioned in the above tools.

Fortunately, Chromebook has the support of the play store and you can take benefit of it. You can use some apps to edit your recording. You just have to install the app and import your recording file.

Then, there will be a number of different tools that can help you to improve your recording. You can cut, copy, and reduce the background noise of your music.

Some of the best apps for audio editing:-

How do I record music on my Chromebook for free?

There are several apps and websites by which you can record music on your chrome book for free. Some of the website online tools for recording music for free are:-

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chromebook good for music production?

No Chromebook is not a good option for music production. Because most of the music production software is available for windows, mac, and Linux

Is Soundtrap free on Chromebook?

Yes, Soundtrap is free to use the tool but, it also has its premium plans

Can a Chromebook run FL Studio?

No, you can’t run FL Studio software on your Chromebook but, you can find its alternative

Can you use clip studio on a Chromebook?

No, You can’t use clip studio on Chromebook because it is not officially available for chrome os

Can I use audacity on a Chromebook?

No, audacity is not available on Chromebook


I hope you enjoyed our blog post. It can be really difficult to find the right software to help you make beats, especially when you’re just getting started It is important to choose the software which not only has a really good interface and sound quality but is also nice and easy to use.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy generating beats with your new software!

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