About us

Adityaguptareal.com is a personal blog run by Aditya Kumar Gupta. He provides information related to programming, software reviews, and digital tools.

His aim is to provide you with the right information about software and digital tools so that you can choose the right product for your needs. Here he shares his experience related to software and digital tools. In his online journey, Aditya used different types of digital tools or software for each type of work.

All information on this blog is well researched. We would not recommend any tools or software without first using it ourselves. Every single day we try to provide you with the best tools and software that will help you to get your work done faster, easier, and more accurately.

Who is Aditya Kumar Gupta


Hi! My name is Aditya Kumar Gupta. I’m the founder of Adityaguptareal.com, a personal blog that focuses on software, digital tools, and programming. I’m based in Patna (Bihar), India, and though I’m only 15 years old right now, I love designing a website, programming for fun with various languages like HTML, CSS, and Python, and using different types of tools like Premiere Pro, Canva, etc.

I am passionate about learning new things. I have knowledge about programming, blogging, design, website development, and many more. Although it may seem unusual for someone my age to have these skills, the truth is that I started learning about them at an early age. My early exposure to the subjects of these fields has resulted in a lifelong interest in them.

I have a good sense of how the Internet works and what makes it tick. I am capable of creating a website from scratch, making sure that it is optimized for search engines and has all the necessary components for success.

I can also help you create a blog, manage your social media accounts and provide content for them. I am passionate about technology and its applications in different fields. I am willing to learn new things every day and adapt myself to changing trends on the Internet.

I had a keen interest in technology from an early age. When I was in tenth grade, I worked with different people or influencers and helped them grow their blogs with my content writing and website development skills. Those experiences have helped me a lot.